Dinosaurs Hokuspokus

Dinosaurs Hokuspokus

Dinosaurs Hokuspokus

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Wrong heads Ladybug, Dinosaur train, Iron man, Cinderella, Masha and the bear Finger Family Song

Wrong Heads Barney Dinosaur, Masha and the Bear, Disney Princess, Trolls Finger Family Song

LEARN COLORS with DINOSAURS Small to Giant Tyrannosaurus Rex | T-rex Dinosaur Eggs

Create pictures with switches

Dinosaurs HokusPokus is an easy and entertaining game for children.

The game itself is very easy and motivating. Pressing an external switch (not included) or the screen will create a picture step by step. Once one part of the picture is displayed, the children get curious. What is it? Which detail has been added now? As soon as the picture is complete, a short animation will be played.

The app contains different dinosaur themed pictures with three different levels of difficulty/ details.

First experience in working with a switch/ a touchscreen
Fun with playing
Training of attention/ anticipation
Training of cause and effect

To be used for:
Early intervention
Visual training
Children with physical impairments
Children with learning disabilities

Compatible switch adapters:
Blue2, NewBlue2, APPlicator, Switch2Scan, iSwitch, SimplyWorks (Enter or Space)

Dinosaur animations